Service History  

   1/77          Built in 1976 delivered to Southdown in January 1977,  allocated to the Eastbourne                         area. Leyland National: 11351A/1A -  Number: 04100: Five-speed semi automatic                               gearbox:  Capacity B49F+24: Southdown body number B3788: Fleet number 34:


   17/05/80   34 was the last service vehicle to enter Crowborough depot at 23:42hrs on service                          119 from Lewes. The doors closed for the last time as an operational depot. 34 was                         taken to Lewes on the Sunday morning with National 78  ( YCD 78T )


   2/83          Entered Portslade Works for overhaul and repaint. Left Works on 30/7/83


    8/86          Painted green and cream with yellow Southdown East & Mid Sussex fleet.


   8/88          Painted green and cream with white Southdown fleet names applied.


   8/89          Stagecoach buys Southdown Motor Services Ltd


  9/90          Painted white with three blue Stagecoach style strips.


  10/90         Eastbourne & District fleet names applied.

   8/91          Blue stripes replaced by standard Stagecoach strips.

   8/91          Given Stagecoach  Southdown fleet names. 

   4/92          Acquired by South Coast Buses Ltd. (34)


   7/92          Renumbered to 180.


   4/93          Southdown fleet names removed.


   1/99          Acquired by Renown Coaches Ltd., Bexhill-on-Sea, East Sussex.


   2/99          Painted dark blue in Renown livery


   7/02          Acquired by Wealden PSV Sales, Five Oak Green, Kent

   8/02          Acquired by Bryan Lane, Eastbourne, East Sussex (for spare parts)

   9/10          Acquired by Paul Llewellyn, Crowborough, East Sussex – Current Owner

Eastbourne & District Livery

Photo by Richard Maryan